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Look to the sky…

Foto taget og udlånt af: Marie Jedig…
The color of the sky must be a complete match for your eyes…

While rays of sunlight dance across the fields all I can do is look up.
Couse the color is so familiar and that just makes me fly…

I long to see those eyes again
and miss their stare, so intense.
The way they seem to glow when they lock with mine.

I dream of feeling your lips on mine,
I can almost sence your taste on the tip of my tongue…

Let’s just give a damn, let’s just walk of, to somewhere, anywhere, maybe at night.
Let the moon be our sun, let’s get lost in the stars.
Let’s just wander, and let nature just take it’s course.

Let’s just sit here in silence, and look at eachother
cause then I could loose myself in your eyes once again
and watch them, carefully, peek into your soul
as the sky would change colors, the stars fade away
as the sun re appears and the moon says goodnight
I will look to to sky, and the color I know
and just make believe, that you like the color might stay…

and if not for long, then at least for a day…?

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