Hot Wheels...


Life is nothing but a long road of choices… Have you made yours?

Choose if you wanna wake up happy in the morning, or if you dread ”another day”

Choose if you wanna play each day, or simply waste your time

Choose your job, choose your career, do you really want others to do it for you?

Choose your home, and how you look at it. A roof over your head, or a castle fit for a queen

Choose your identity

Choose your colors

Choose your options, and how you deal with them

Choose if you love, and how you show it

Choose if you rise above the occasion

Choose to believe, and what to believe, no one can make these choices but you

Choose freedom, or be an everyday slave

Choose to feed your mind, soul and body, or choose to waste away

Choose whether you live in darkness, or bloom in the light

Choose how you go to sleep at night, with a smile on your face, exhausted from a long day?

Choose if you let the bumps and bruises get you down, or only makes you stronger

Choose how you meet every other person each day, the ones you know and the ones you don’t

Choose to live with gratitude, and choose to live your dreams

Choose… to live…

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