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In Silence…

In silence…

I stare into these eyes.

I stare into a soul.

The truth can be found if you stare long enough, and I’m on that search tonight.

By the slightest frown of a brow these eyes turn sharp and allert.

Someone is truly hiding in there, maybe with anger, maybe with fear.

Someone who’s hurting with things you won’t hear

Could this look be bitterness?
Or could it be hate?
Maybe disbelief? Maybe instead…

Instead it could be someone just misunderstood.
Someone who’s given up, or maybe should.
Someone who’s never been seen the right way
Someone who never could make someone stay…

If this is the person hiding in there
How can I make it matter?
How can I show I care?

Maybe if I just stare for enough time.
Something will unlock, something will shine.

Maybe a smile could be found in theese eyes.
If it was invited and welcomed by mine.

The eyes now softened as I look again
and I wonder whatever happened to change?

I take a step back and then realize
The eyes of the soul of my seach this night
Is my reflection in a window
As I watch the world…
In silence…?

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